About Us


We are Mike and Judy Hard, a husband and wife team, that moved to Hocking Hills in 2000.  Our love for taking long drives, sight-seeing,hiking and the beauty of the area is what brought us here. From the moment we moved here, we have never looked back. 

We started out with a focus on being cabin owners by building a small cabin  where people could get away from the day-to-day hustle to relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery. From there we grew to 5 cabins. Along the way we made many friends and learned that we wanted to offer to others what we experienced along our own journey.

We purchased the retail shops in 2007. That included the Wind Chime Shop, Christmas Treasurers and The Candle Shop. Mike's love for candles led him to expand on the Candle Shop. That started us on a search of a great soy candle  which led to the creation of Hocking Hills Candle Works in 2010.  Mike has a passion for scents and loves experimenting with new and different fragrances.